- Rob Faludi - https://www.faludi.com -

4-in-4: Advice for Participants


  1. Plan ahead. Developing project ideas can take time, you may want to acquire new skills, initial tests might be helpful and supplies need time to arrive.
  2. Think small. A single day isn’t long enough to learn a new skill and do a project. Use what you already know and save your strength for the inevitable unforseen.
  3. Tell everyone about what you’re doing. The more people who know, the more motivated you’ll be and the more support and adulation you’ll receive.
  4. Say yes to group projects. Joining up is almost always more fun and educational than puttering alone.
  5. Attend all the daily check-ins. Share, gripe, eat, celebrate, laugh. This is a social event.
  6. Do all four days. Commitment is a a wellspring for creativity.
  7. Get back. If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world. The point is to break out be creative and learn to renew your focus. It’s just a project, go ahead and make another one.
  8. Make it public. Blog or document everything publicly so people know what you’ve created. You’ll inspire others.

So what do you make?

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