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Syllabus-Networked Objects

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Reading & Discussion

There are two assigned books for this course:

You should also browse some of the projects that have come before in this area. A few projects you should know about:

Other recommended books and articles can be found on the bibliography page [22].

Participation & Attendance

Showing up on time, engaging in the class discussion, and offering advice and critique on other projects in the class are a major part of your grade. Please be present and prompt. Late attendance affects your grade adversely. If you’re going to be late or absent, please email me in advance. If you have an emergency, please let me know as soon as possible after the fact.
Please turn in assignments on time as well. Assignments turned in late will affect your grade adversely.


You will be expected to keep an online journal of your work on the class blog [23]. Think of it as a letter to the next group to take this class: the tricks you found that work, the pitfalls you hit, ways around them, sources for materials, reference material, etc. Ideally, this will give you a head start on documenting your projects for future portfolio reference, and those who come after you a place to look for reference material.
A journal entry is part of the assignment for each project you do, at the least. Feel free to do more entries as you see fit.
Work on this as you go, don’t put it off until the end.
You should document your projects thoroughly. Plan in advance, and perhaps as a group, to have what you need to document at least your midterms and finals. Photos, video, drawings, schematics, and notes are all valuable forms of documentation.


Participation & Attendance: 30%
Early Assignments: 10% each (30% total)
Final: 20%
Documentation: 20%


Laptop use is fine if you are using your laptop to present in class, or if we’re in the middle of an exercise that makes use of it. Otherwise, however, please keep your laptop closed. The quality of the class depends in large part on the quality of your attention and active participation. In particular, give your fellow students the respect you deserve in return, and close your laptop and give them your full attention when they are presenting work.

Mobile Phones

Please put them on vibrate before you come to class unless they are part of your project.

Shop use

All people using the shop must attend a safety seminar once a year and take the safety quiz in order to use the shop. This is required by law. Sign up on the shop site, as each seminar is limited to 10 people at a time.
All shop users are expected to work two cleanup days per semester, and to help clean the shop when they use it. Details on shop policies can be found on the shop site. Please read them and ask us any questions you have.

Office/Lab Hours

Rather than office hours, I prefer to hold Lab Hours in the shop so that I’m available to help with projects as needed.

Lab Hours are currently scheduled to be Fridays 3 – 5 pm.

If you want to make an appointment at a different time, please contact me [24].

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