XBee LilyPad First Prototype

The first prototype of the XBee LilyPad open-source wearable radio has arrived and is working properly. All the lights turn on, the connections are just great and getting a proto in hand has spawned all kinds of new ideas. The push for the next version is to move all the components out from under the XBee so that it can sit flush to the board, making the LilyPad thinner if it is soldered directly on. We’re also going to add a voltage regulator so the board can be used with a 5 Volt supply if desired. Headers for programming the XBee and a single jumper to control the debugging LEDs will add useful flexibility. Thanks to Tom Igoe and Zach Eveland for their helpful suggestions.

The prototype with female headers:

Zach performs a wearability test with the help of scotch tape:

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