This is a small code library for Arduino, Processing, XBees and other useful physical computing development and prototyping tools.

Use the links below to access the code examples.

2 Responses to “Examples”

  • deepankar maithani

    Hi Rob

    i have made a robot using arduino and xbee s2 . there is one arduino and xbee on the transmitter side and one arduino and xbee on the receiver side. I have set the xbee in AT mode and i am able to control my robot wirelessly.
    Now i want to implement sensors on the robot like temperature sensors and as sensor i am comfortable with implementing hardware. i want that i can send the command to robot to move it in different directions and and also can receive the sensor value.
    i am comfortable with processing but i am unable to do bidirectional communication. please i require your valuable advice in it.

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