Robert Faludi
Curriculum Vitae

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Professional Positions

    Product design and management for fleet and consumer IoT dash cam, with AI video event sensing and advanced vehicle telematics functionality.
  • HEAD OF PRODUCT, Perceptive Things, 2018-2020.
    Product development strategy and user experience design for new smart buildings venture focused on IoT sensors and protection for $100MM-1B luxury condominium and cooperative multi-unit apartment buildings. Deep involvement with business development and technical designs, plus collaboration on supply chain management.
  • CHIEF INNOVATOR, Office of the CTO, Digi International, 2013-2017.
    Product owner for new XBee Cellular product line ($42M in lead generation) of LTE, 3G, LTE-M, NB-IoT radio modems along with development boards, example software, and full evaluation kits. Responsible for customer, market, and technical research, formulation of user stories, organization, prioritization, and product engineering. Collaborate extensively with sales, support, product management, and manufacturing to create the best all-around customer solution. Assist with marketing to describe, evangelize, and launch new Digi products. Document, communicate, and deliver on time with a focus on usability and outstanding user experience.Rapid prototyping of new product concepts including in-lab development of functional hardware and software for Industrial Internet of Things. Identify and address critical gaps in strategy, product line, and customer experience. Promote Digi by speaking at conferences, events, and customer sites. Create workshops and hackathons with key customers and internal staff at collaborative events. Outreach and engagement with customer and staff innovators to support $200M global industrial IoT company.
    COLLABORATIVE STRATEGY LEADER, R&D, Digi International, 2011-2013. Establish visibility and value across a flourishing community of independent innovators.  Discover, listen to, and represent developers. Develop kit experiences focused on developer needs. Seek out innovations created with Digi products and craft stories about them. Engage with the most interesting work, extending financial and technical support. Extensive tier 1 media coverage including: Smithsonian, NOVA, Computer World, NBC, Forbes, LA Times, Huffington Post, Guardian, TechCrunch, BBC.
  • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR, School of Visual Arts, Interaction Design MFA program, 2009-2012. Classes: Fundamentals of Physical Computing. Design and management of physical computing program.
  • AUTHOR, O’Reilly Media, 2009-2011. Building Wireless Sensor Networks with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino, and Processing – Hands-on guide to producing wireless sensor systems with ZigBee mesh networking radios and open-source prototyping tools.
  • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT ADVISOR, Bug Labs, 2011. User research, strategy and systems design for new MiniBUG modular electronics prototyping system, to help expand Bug Labs’ developer base with a more affordable and highly targeted modular computing platform. (Presented at 5th International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction.)
  • DIRECTOR, USER EXPERIENCE, Tendril Inc., 2010-2011. Manage strategy, systems, and product development for smart energy monitoring and energy efficiency. Product management for consumer engagement system to support energy use behavioral change, including customer research, workflow design, user stories, development prioritization, on-time delivery, and user testing. Designed and led special project to support 20M new users for New York State’s energy efficiency program.
  • DIRECTOR, NETWORKING AND INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS, GroundedPower, Inc. 2008-2010. Create strategy, systems, and products for smart energy monitoring and clean technologies. Conduct market and user research to drive system design. Created ZigBee network development with gateway application for sensor network and user display devices, written in embedded Python.
  • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, 2007-2013. Classes: Sociable Objects, Networked Objects, Collaborative Mesh Networking and Crafting with Data. Guest Lecturer and Guest Critic for Network Objects, Soft Circuit Workshop, Metaforms, Thesis and Introduction to Physical Computing.
  • ADJUNCT LECTURER, Brooklyn College, CIS Program, 2008. Classes: Computing and Art: Nature, Power and Limits.
  • RESIDENT RESEARCHER, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2007-2008. Program support, student workshops and help sessions and original research in physical computing, communities and interaction design.
  • SUMMER RESEARCH PROGRAM, Microsoft Research, Creative Systems Group, 2007. Designed and produced social networking applications for Microsoft communities.
  • PHYSICAL COMPUTING RESEARCHER, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2006 -2007. Original research in mesh networking for physical computing applications.
  • RESEARCHER, NYU Department of Psychology – Adolph Lab – Dr. Karen Adolph, 2004 – 2005. Fundamental research in the mathematical functions for perception of affordances, as an investigation of the psychological processes that humans use to interact with the physical world.
  • RESEARCHER, NYU Department of Psychology, Center for Neural Science – Carrasco Lab – Dr. Marisa Carrasco, 2002 – 2005. Visual cognition research, mentor for undergraduate honors student project. Investigated the effects of visual performance fields on human motor responses.
  • RESEARCHER, NYU Department of Psychology, Center for Neural Science – Maloney Lab – Dr. Laurence Maloney – 2003 – 2005. Judgement and vision psychophysics, mentor for Intel Science competition student finalist. Investigated how covert transient visual attention affects motor response trajectories
  • MANAGING PARTNER, Server Habitat, New York and San Francisco, 2002-2009. Principal in full-service computer server co-location and hosting facility. Clients include Daimler Chrysler, Verizon, American Eagle Outfitters.
  • FOUNDING PARTNER, Oncall Interactive, LLC, Chicago, 2002-2003. Principal in a 25-employee interactive design and web application development firm. New clients included Verizon, American Express, Sears, Conagra Foods, American Eagle Outfitters, McGraw Hill, Daimler Chrysler.
  • CEO, COO, Faludi Computing, Inc., San Francisco, 1997-2002. Principal in a 10-employee computer consulting firm specializing in web application development. Participated in the design and construction of over 50 major web businesses including sites for TD Waterhouse, Visa, Lucent Technologies, Charles Schwab, Lonely Planet Travel Books, American Lawyer Media,, Gap Inc., AAA, and many others.
  • OWNER & LEAD CONSULTANT, Faludi Computing, San Francisco, 1992-1996. Owner of a  computer consulting firm specializing in networking, groupware and comprehensive consulting. The firm was part of the original technical team for both and Over 200 small and medium-sized business clients
  • OPERATIONS MANAGER, Terry Pimsleur & Company, San Francisco, 1990-1992. Solely responsible for corporate operation of event production firm including management of cash flow and budgets (1.3 Million per year/14 employees).
  • ASSISTANT PRODUCER, Woody Clark Productions, San Francisco, 1989-90. Key story analyst and editor for screenplays. Responsible for completion of all day-to-day business operations and sales.
  • PRODUCTION STAFF, MacGillivray Freeman Films, Los Angeles_1988. “It’s Gary Shandling’s Show,” OMNIMAX “Back to the Future” attraction for Universal Studios


  • Master’s Degree, Interactive Telecommunications (ITP), New York University, Tisch School of the Arts: 2005-2007
  • Master of Arts, Cognitive Psychology, New York University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences: 2003-2005. M.A. Scholar 2003-2005, M.A. Honors 2004-2005
  • New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Dept. of Film and T.V., 1985-86
  • Bachelor of Arts, Film and Theater, Oberlin College, 1984-1988

Selected Projects

Awards & Patents

  • US Patent 9,026,261: Methods and systems for managing energy usage in buildings, May 5, 2015
  • First Prize, NYU M.A. Psychology Research Conference, “Covert Attention Affects Motor Response Trajectories “, Faludi, Avakov, Maloney, Carrasco, 2005.
  • First Prize, NYU M.A. Psychology Research Conference, “Effects of Visual Performance Fields on Motor Responses”, Faludi, Maloney, Carrasco, 2004.
  • M.A. Scholar, New York University 2003-2005
  • M.A. Honors, New York University 2004-2005

University Classes

  • Noticing Workshop, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Summer 2017
  • Noticing Workshop, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Summer 2014
  • Noticing, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Spring 2013
  • Sensitive Buildings, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Fall 2012
  • Fundamentals of Physical Computing, School of Visual Arts, MFA in Interaction Design, Spring 2012
  • Sensitive Buildings, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Fall 2011
  • Fundamentals of Physical Computing, School of Visual Arts, MFA in Interaction Design, Fall 2010
  • Sociable Objects Workshop, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Spring 2010
  • Fundamentals of Physical Computing, School of Visual Arts, MFA in Interaction Design, Fall 2009
  • Crafting with Data, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Fall 2009
  • Sociable Objects Workshop, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Summer 2009
  • Networked Objects, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Spring 2009
  • Crafting with Data, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Fall 2008
  • Sociable Objects, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Summer 2008
  • Computers and Art, Brooklyn College, CIS, Spring 2008
  • Collaborative Mesh Networking, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, ITP, Fall 2007

Workshops & Classes

  • XBee Cellular Workshops, Minneapolis, Utah and Spain, 2017
  • IoT Fuse Hackathon, Minneapolis, 2016
  • MicroPython Hackathons, Minneapolis, Utah and Spain, 2016
  • Arrow IoT Immersions: Cloud Computing from Edge to Enterprise, 2015
  • Dreamforce: 4 Cloud Kit workshops, San Francisco 2015
  • XBee Series 1 Workshop, Exploratorium, San Francisco 2011
  • Wireless Networking Workshop, MIT Media Lab, 2011
  • XBee Series 2 Workshop, SparkFun Electronics, 2011
  • XBee Series 1 Workshop, SparkFun Electronics, 2011
  • Parent Trap Wireless, St. Ann’s School, 2010
  • Wireless Wearables, TEI conference, 2009
  • Wireless Wearables, NYC Resistor, 2009
  • Wireless Wearables, NYC Resistor, 2008

Talks and Papers

  • Frameworks and Breaking Them – panel talk, Sketching in Hardware, 2017
  • Determining the Differences Between Low Bandwidth Protocols, 2017
  • XBee Cellular Unboxing, 2017
  • Intuit NEXT DAY Technology Fair, IoT for Small Business, 2016
  • Mesh Networking Vs. Cellular Technology for IoT, 2016
  • Choosing the Right Networking Technology, 2016
  • XBee Plus Arduino Webinar, Digi-Key, 2015
  • 3M Maker Movement Experts Panel, New York, 2015
  • Constructing an Internet of Things Strategy, IoT West, 2015
  • Sketching in Hardware: Kickbox talk
  • FIT Technology Day: Liking the Guest, 2015
  • Forensecure ’15: Internet of Things Strategy, 2015
  • SXSW: Makers to Making panel discussion, 2015
  • M2M Evolution / IoT Evolution: Smart Grid update, IoT Investing, Skunkworks, Fast Prototyping, 2015
  • GE Ventures: IoT & Connected Home Day – co-moderator, Menlo Park, California, 2014
  • Future Connectivity Solutions Advanced Engineering University, 2014
  • SVA Smart Objects: protocols for wireless, 2014
  • Driving the Internet of Things: The Social Shuttle Bus“, Dreamforce, 2013
  • Hands-on Demonstration for Connecting Products“, Dreamforce, 2013
  • Liking the Guest, Make Magazine Hardware Innovation Workshop, 2013
  • Where Will the Internet of Things Take Service Design?“, panel, Fjord Design, 2012
  • XBee Knowledge Forum“, webinar, Digi International, 2012
  • Simplifying Device Networking“, webinar, Digi International, 2011
  • “Fun with XBees”, EdLab, Teachers’s College, Columbia University, 2011
  • What’s Fun & New with XBees“, webinar, Digi International, 2011
  • “Fun with XBees”, WaveForum Toronto, 2011
  • “Fun with XBees”, Maker Faire New York, 2011
  • “What Open Hardware Needs from the Cloud”, Open Hardware Summit, 2011
  • “Fun with XBees”, WaveForum, 2011
  • “Liking the Guests”, Sketching in Hardware, 2011
  • “MiniBUG: From Concept to Production in a Prototyping System” Gibb, A. Faludi, R., and Steingart, D. 2011, Proceedings of TEI ’11
  • “XIG: Easy Internet for Objects”, Maker Faire New York, 2010
  • “ZIG: Easy Internet for Objects”, Sketching in Hardware, 2010
  • “Wireless Wearables”, Tangible and Embedded Interaction, Cambridge MA ,2010
  • “Smart Energy and What Lies Ahead”, ETech, 2009
  • “Socializing Stuff” A Wireless Objects Workshop, ETech, 2009
  • “Wireless Wearables” workshop at NYC Resistor, 2008 and 2009
  • “Designing Attraction, human decision-making in interaction design” Faludi, 2008.
  • “Affordances, A Functional Analysis” Faludi, 2005 M.A. Thesis sponsor: Karen E. Adolph, Ph.D., reader: Catherine Tamis-LeMonda, Ph.D.
  • “Covert Transient Attention Affects Motor Response Trajectories” Faludi, Avakov, Maloney, Carrasco, (abstract, poster) Vision Science Society, 2005.
  • “Effects of Visual Performance Fields on Motor Responses”, Faludi, Maloney, Carrasco, (abstract, poster) Vision Sciences Society, 2004.

Selected Public Media

Conferences and Shows


  • Tisch School of the Arts GSO Individual Grant for Media Archive group project, 2006

Professional Affiliations

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