Cards Against Humanity – Online

This sharable board with very little game logic was created by some total jerks. They give it away for free to torture you with small interface imperfections. You easily could have made a better one, but you didn’t because you’re an even bigger jerk. I hate you all which is why I wrote up these instructions.


  1. Go to and scroll down to start a new Cards Against Humanity game
  2. Enter the game and click the toolbox icon to edit the board
  3. Add a second row of card holders below the middle row of six in the center. Do this by clicking the Empty Card Holder widget. A card holder will show up in the upper left. Drag that holder below the first of the middle six. Repeat for all six. Editing takes a bit of practice, don’t worry, it’s easy to go back and change things.
  4. Add player names if desired by clicking on each card holder in the left and right columns, entering some text, then clicking outside the box to finish.
  5. Click the toolbox icon again to go back to play mode.
  6. Click the share icon below the toolbox to get a link for inviting the other players. Caution them that it is a shared board and not to do anything until the host tells them.


  1. Each player deals themselves 10 white cards to their private hand area at the bottom of the screen. Drawing from the shared stack may feel chaotic at first, but it works.
  2. When play is ready to begin, whoever is the Card Czar flips a black card.
  3. Players move their choice of white cards to any open slot in the top row, face down. For double-card answers the first goes to the top row and the second right below it.
  4. When everyone is done, the Czar flips the white table cards, one at a time, reading the answers aloud.
  5. Czar chooses the winner and places the black card on that player’s stack (left and right columns)
  6. Czar clicks Recall & Shuffle button ONCE to finish the turn, Czarship then passes to the next clockwise player on the board.
  7. Each player replenishes their white cards, the new Czar flips a new black card and play continues.
  8. Play is done after a pre-determined number of rounds or when everyone is angry.

Official game rules:

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