4-in-4 is bold scheme to do four creative projects in four days. The Resident Researchers at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications program pioneered this venture with an overly ambitious 7 in 7 event back in June 2008. Since that time the event has been repeated several times, each an experiment with different times and spaces done by volunteer ITP coordinators.

The mandate:

  • Do a creative project every day for four straight days.
  • Projects must be completed in a single day, so the results need to be as compact as they are creative.
  • Each project needs a name and documentation posted by the end of the day. It should be a stand-alone accomplishment.

The outcomes:

  • Strengthening creative community
  • Personal productivity
  • Plenty of fun
  • and a collective gallery of dozens of brand-new creations

Interested? Here’s information about running your own and some advice for participants.



Past Events:

  • 4-in-4 for the ITP community, coordinated by Matt Parker in August 2009
  • 1-in-1 for ITP’s 30th Anniversary coordinated by John Dimatos in October 2009
  • 4-in-4, for ITP community, coordinated by Caroline Brown & Stephen Lehrburger in January 2009
  • 5-in-5, for ITP students, coordinated by Vikram Tank in July 2008
  • 7-in-7, for ITP Residents, coordinated by Rob Faludi in June 2008

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