As a service for people making creative projects, I help maintain lists of funding opportunities, services and exhibition venues for designers, inventors, students and artists:

  • The Exhibitions and Festivals list is a compilation of venues for displaying creative work and sharing what you’ve made with the public
  • The Funding and Learning list presents various opportunities to obtain money and services for your project
Here’s some other useful listings:
  • A comprehensive, user-maintained list of all active Hackerspaces throughout the world
  • Also, Media Arts Deadlines is a blog and CalDav calendar of all sorts of artist calls and opportunities

1 Comment on “Community

  1. congratulations on your book already acquired.

    I’m trying to reach Cosm (before Pachube) via Xbee WiFi and I’ve failed.
    I worked with arduino + ethernet shield.
    The settings on the XBee is fine but I can not Cosm connectivity

    I need further configuration on the arduino to work with me Xbee WiFi.


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