XIG on Make: Networked On Air Light

Matt Richardson of Make Magazine has created a networked on-air light using the XBee Internet Gateway. The Gateway (running on a ConnectPort) grants Make: Live high-tech flexibility in placement of its old-school warning. Matt writes that the XIG and its open-source code, “allowed us to hang the light wherever we wanted without the need to run an Ethernet cable to it. Having an XBee Internet Gateway in my home also means that I can easily add wireless sensors and other internet-connected projects without filling up my router’s Ethernet ports.

We have always thought of the XIG as a shared resource for many different ZigBee-enabled devices, so I hope he pushes forward to implement all kinds of connected objects at the same time! Matt also offered some kind words about using Building Wireless Sensor Networks as a resource. It’s always heartwarming to know that my efforts and those of my collaborators are helping people create things to change their world for the better.

By the way, if you want to create your own Networked On-air Light there’s a full writeup on Make Projects to show you the way.

Update: This was also covered by Engadget