XBee API Library for Processing

Library SceneDan Shiffman and I are working on a Processing library for Digi’s XBee Series 1 radios. The library currently facilitates receiving single sample I/O packets in API mode, and returns an object that contains the analog values, digital values, sender’s 16-bit address and RSSI value. The next tasks will be to receive regular RX frames, issue AT commands and receive responses, issue TX frames and receive responses to those. We’d also like to support the XBee Series 2 radios, which have a similar API structure.Here’s a page where you can download and learn about the XBee API Library for Processing v1.00.

2 Comments on “XBee API Library for Processing

  1. Hi!
    When I try to run your XbeeApiExample I get an error message:
    Cannot find anything named: “XBeeDataFrame.SERIES1_IOPACKET”,
    with the line
    if (data.getApiID() == XBeeDataFrame.SERIES1_IOPACKET) {
    I do not understand to what that refers to. Can you help?

  2. I got the same error. The article was written in 2007. The 1.5 API wasn’t out yet. If you install the 1.2 version it will compile correctly.