XBee LilyPad Second Draft

This is a second draft of the XBee LilyPad that Kate and I are working on. It adds some noise filtering and decoupling capacitors to help with reliability. We’ve also added LED outputs so users can tell if the XBee is on, associated and receiving information. There’s currently solder jumpers on these lights, so that they can be disconnected if the blinking isn’t appropriate for the project, or if those pins need to be used for something else. Here’s an enlarged view.

A third draft will be done after a couple electrical engineer friends have contributed their wisdom, then it’s off to the circuit printers for an initial prototype.

3 Comments on “XBee LilyPad Second Draft

  1. Same here – many thanks!

    Has there been any progress on the Xbee Lilypad?

    We are ITP fans (Lower Eastside Girls Club – ask Marianne) and are gearing up for a mini-ITP with the girls. I’ll be poring over all your great work!

  2. Yes, there has been substantial progress on the XBee LilyPad, which we plan to have available for purchase in the not-so-distant future. I’ll release more information about this as things get firmed up.