Arduino AVR Library for EAGLE Layout Editor

The EAGLE Layout Editor is a great way to design custom printed circuit boards for Arduino-based electronics projects. However, while Arduino uses the ATMEGA168 and ATMEGA8 microcontrollers from Atmel, the EAGLE libraries I’ve found online don’t use Arduino’s simplified pin labeling.

Therefore, I’ve created a custom Arduino-AVR library for EAGLE with the proper Arduino pin indicators to make it easier to create custom boards like the ones we use for the new Botanicalls Kits and several other projects I’m working on that are not yet public. Download the new Arduino-AVR library here.

12 Comments on “Arduino AVR Library for EAGLE Layout Editor

  1. Thanks, me too I was looking for this. Thanks for making things easy for simple people like me.

  2. Where does this show up in the laibrary. Can’t seem to find it after placing in lbr folder Eagle 5.11.0 Light.

  3. Thanks man, I almost made it myself but the tutorial was wack and lacking explanation of commands being thrown in sporadically. Due to time management I googled the right words and found this. MUCH LOVE!

  4. I just spent the past 1 hour trying to map my Mega2560 arduino pins to the uC pins. Then luckily I stumbled upon your work! You are a lifesaver ! Thanks.