Fun of PComp Finals 2010

The 2010 final projects for my Fundamentals of Physical Computing class at SVA’s Interaction Design MFA program are now all posted online. These 15 students represent the best interaction designers that you can’t hire yet. They’ll graduate in 2012. In the meantime, check out:

  • Personified Chair: Video | HTML – Kristin Breivik, Benjamin Gadbaw, Allison Shaw, Adjoa Opoku
  • Chutes & Spheres:  Video PDF – Cooper Smith, Erin Moore, JoJo Glick, David Bellona
  • Pillow Fight Club: Videos | PDF – Christopher Cannon, Sera Koo, Tina Ye, Catherine Young
  • The Operator – Katy Newton, Carrie Stiens, Michael Yap