XBee Internet Gateway v1.1.0 Released

A new and significantly improved version of the XBee Internet Gateway is now available, thanks to Jordan Husney‘s hard work and mid-air inspirations. If you want to connect an XBee directly to the Internet, the new version 1.1.0 is the simplest method for facilitating that connection. XIG code runs on the ConnectPort X2 and will be featured in the “Over the Borders” chapter of my upcoming book.

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  1. Hi, interesting work. Maybe you could make use of our relay server http://yaler.org/ to implement access to your gateway from the Internet (instead of the other way around) to host REST services on the gateway or even on individual sensor nodes. The Yaler (i.e. Reverse HTTP) protocol requires nothing more than a TCP socket and some basic HTTP. Cheers, tamberg

  2. Has anyone tried the XIG code on the “Digi ConnectPort X2 for SMART ENERGY” (Digi part # X2-SE1-EC-A) which is available in Digi’s online store for $99.

    I have yet to find a source for the plain “Digi ConnectPort X2” (Digi part # X2-Z11-EC-A). Is the pre-installed smart energy firmware the only difference between the SE1 and Z11; it would be nice to know before ordering it.

    BTW – The Digi store also offers the SE1 in a kit (which includes their “USB XStick” to check-out the Xbee link) for $148.

    1. Yes, the Smart Energy version is the same hardware with pre-installed SE firmware on both the internal ConnectME and XBee. This can definitely be switched out but to avoid that you can also order the X2-Z11-EC-A by calling Digi directly. There’s a venture in the works to make that model more widely available so there may be additional news on this in the next few weeks.

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