Tendril Acquires GroundedPower

As reported on CNet, and Gigaom, GroundedPower has just been acquired by venture capital-backed Tendril Inc. of Boulder, Colorado. Tendril is a leading energy management technology provider that supplies energy software, hardware and services to both consumers and utility companies. Along with ITP alumni Mike Bukhin, Demetrie Tyler and Terence Arjo, I’ll be helping to incorporate GroundedPower’s customer engagement technologies into Tendril’s energy management platforms. Tendril’s press release and CEO videos have more info.

Simultaneous with the acquisition, Tendril announced that it raised a new round of $23 million in funding, bringing Tendril’s total funds raised to $73 million.

I’ve been involved with GroundedPower since late 2008 as Director or Networking and Interactive Systems and will continue with Tendril as Director of User Experience.

2 Comments on “Tendril Acquires GroundedPower

  1. Rob,

    As someone on the inside, what do you make of the GroundedPower acquisition? I haven’t read the press release yet, but how do you see Tendril taking advantage of GroundedPower’s capabilities?

    BTW – I’ve been through an acquisition myself. It’s nice to have the opportunity to move forward with the new organization. Congrats.

    • We’re very excited about the combined company. As the press release notes, the Tendril systems will be able to take advantage of our behaviorally-based engagement platform. At the same time we gain a world-class smart energy networking, including a slew of ZigBee Smart Energy Certified monitoring and control products. Good things are in store!