Light Switch XBee: Example Project

Just finished documenting the latest example project. The Light Switch XBee is a wireless wall switch that can control lamps, fans, motors or your homemade robot using Digi’s XBee radio. It’s a model for almost any digital input device you’d like to build. If it goes on and off, you can make it wireless using this example as your guide!

The full instructions include parts needed, configuration, soldering instructions and assembly. I’ve also added a Simple XBee Receiver instruction set so you can test your switch, and an explanation of how to modify the more robust Actuator Example from my book to control A/C mains powered appliances with the wireless Light Switch. Anything can be a switch. Need shoes that turn on your toaster? Or a cat door that plays “The Cat Came Back” each time Fluffy returns from an outing? Get started with the Light Switch XBee example!

6 Comments on “Light Switch XBee: Example Project

  1. Dear
    what a good idea. But I tried this example out with two XBEE Serie 2. And nothing happend. What did I wrong.

    • For Series 2 hardware you need a microcontroller on the receiving end to parse the API I/O frame. Direct pin pairing is not a feature of the Series 2 hardware.

  2. Hello Rob
    would this also work with a two or three button switch? can The single XBEE module transfer different signals to identify which switch was toggled?