Fun with XBees at Maker Faire

Presented “Fun with XBees” at Maker Faire New York yesterday, including work by Jen Lewin, Eric Beug, Limor Fried, Elly Bowness and the Rockwell Group. The talk, which is becoming one of my standards, shows the cool things people are doing with device networking and how you can join them. This is really part of all my jobs, whether collaborating on the Internet of Things, teaching, writing or sharing work. The core is finding creative inventions and creating creative inventors.

Next up for September will be demos at the Strata data conference, then off on a October San Francisco expedition, meeting the makers of our Left Coast. If you’re in the Bay Area and want to share what you’re up, drop me a line.

Fun with XBees, from top left: The Pool by Jen Lewin, Plug-in-Play by the Rockwell Group, Tweet-a-Watt by Limor Fried, Wireless Sound Objects by Eric Beug, and Twit-ear by Elly Bowness