XBee Internet Gateway 1.3: I/O & Push

The latest version of the XBee Internet Gateway is available today.

XIG 1.3.0 includes several groundbreaking features. First there’s a new I/O Sample mode. Starting today, an XBee radio can squirt sensor information directly into the cloud  with no external microcontroller or special configuration needed. There’s also a push feature that feeds serial information down to a remote XBee from the cloud. Again, no special configuration is needed. The XIG takes care of all the complicated stuff!

And there’s more. Axel Roest contributed UDP support, for streaming data over the Internet. He also created an Open Sound Control (OSC) feature to support multimedia messaging. Naturally the new release includes important bugfixes as well. And we’ve published User Documentation that covers the new features, as well as explaining the existing ones.

Here’s the change list for the 1.3.0 release:

  • Architecture changes to allow for services (such as the I/O sample service) in addition to sessions with commands driven from an XBee.
  • Code re-factoring to split apart growing xig.py into multiple library files.
  • New streaming command parser to resolve session abort issues.
  • Added the I/O Sample HTTP service.
  • Added the iDigi RCI service.
  • Merged in and modified the UDP service from Axel Roest.
  • Merged in Open Sound Control (OSC) service by Axel Roest.

The XBee Internet Gateway gives any device the ability to connect seamlessly to the Internet by mirroring the interactions humans have with web browsers. This gateway gives your prototype or device a simple yet completely flexible pathway to any web service that you can imagine, including posting sensor values, scraping Facebook or commanding your robotic kitten army.

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  1. Mr. Faludi, great work. Congratulations. But, there is a typo in the first link of the post. I think it should be “internet” instead of “interent” 😉