New XBee Projects Gallery

It’s going to be the largest collection of XBee projects on the Web. So many people have used XBee radios to create amazing things that Liz Presson and I created a place for Digi (makers of the XBee) to feature the incredible work. Musical shoes, digital dominoes, interactive sculptures and autonomous penguins await!

You can follow us directly, or use RSS to see new projects as they get added. Got an XBee project you would like to share? Let us know!

1 Comment on “New XBee Projects Gallery

  1. Rob – thanks for the great site. I am interested in experimenting with xbee. I am a programmer but not interested in building Arduino type hardware breadboards, etc. Is there a way to use xbee with either toy cars, robotic levers, sensors without building those…? Sort of like ready made projects I can program with xbee.
    Any info appreciated,