Controlling AC Devices with XBee

If it plugs into the wall you can turn it on and off with an XBee radio. Switch lights and appliances on or off wirelessly, even over the Internet! Matt Richardson shows you the ropes in the latest XBee Example: Control of AC Devices. He writes:

Hobby electronics projects usually work at low voltages and with direct current. But what if you want to control your lamps, TVs, or blenders, which operate at higher voltage with alternating current? Situations like this call for a relay, which let you use low current to open and close circuits on high voltage devices. Using the 3.3 volt digital output of the XBee connected to a relay, we can wirelessly control high voltage AC devices.

His example uses the popular PowerSwitch Tail or you can also use a Digi Smart Plug in much the same way. Either method creates worldwide controls for interior lighting, office devices, country homes or commercial equipment. Switch off your lights after your leave for the night or fire up your regional warehouse’s backup air conditioners to save your inventory. If it sounds interesting you could start building a prototype today!

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