ITP ZigBee Wiki for PAN IDs


Setting your own unique PAN ID prevents your radios from conflicting with other people’s projects. Most importantly, it prevents other people from accidentally interfering with your projects. Everyone at ITP that is using ZigBee 802.15.4 radios should select one or more unique PAN IDs for themselves, and set all their radios to use those PAN IDs by default. Here’s how to do it on the XBee brand ones:

  1. Select a unique hex number between 0 and FFFE and note it here:
  2. Connect to your XBee serially, using screen in Terminal on the Mac or Hyperterm on the PC
  3. Get into command mode (+++) and issue the ATID command, followed by your chosen PAN ID
  4. Issue the ATWR command to write your new settings into the firmware, so that they persist even when you turn off power to the XBee

EXAMPLE: If you chose the PAN ID 23A1 you could issue the following commands (where <cr> indicates a carriage return):

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  1. how about in sz05-std type of zigbee module how i will configure it?and give the PAN id? please help 🙂