XBee Internet Gateway Released for Macintosh, Windows and Linux!

Connecting your XBee to the Internet just got simple. The new XBee Internet Gateway v1.5 runs directly on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers! All you need is a single XBee with USB adaptor to put entire XBee networks online. With the XIG, you can turn any XBee into an Internet sensor module, create web-controlled motors , online indicator lights, and stream online data to and from any Arduino. Both 802.15.4 (Series 1) and ZigBee (Series 2) XBees are supported. You could create giant sensor networks, analyze and control distant equipment, scrape gossip from Facebook or simply flip switches in your own home!

The XIG is a software gateway that makes it easy to connect Digi’s XBee radios to the Internet. It is able to send data to any web app and can also be linked to the iDigi device cloud for full remote configuration of every radio in your network. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Download the XBee Internet Gateway for Windows, Macintosh, Linux or ConnectPort
  2. Read the XIG documentation including installation instructions
  3. Give us your feedback!
The XBee Internet Gateway is a free, open-source project written in Python. It was initiated by Rob Faludi and extended by Jordan HusneyTed HayesTom CollinsMichael Sutherland and other generous contributors. We’re pretty happy to offer it for free to you!

8 Comments on “XBee Internet Gateway Released for Macintosh, Windows and Linux!

  1. Hi, I can run XBee Internet Gateway soft without ConnectPort® X2 hardware?. I just have (sparkfun)XBee Explorer USB and 3 xbee 1 radios. thanks

  2. Rob,
    First time caller, long time listener. This project looks awesome! I just downloaded XIG for Mac and I hope to get it up and running this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks you for an awesome contribution.

  3. Is it possible to remotely configure an entire network in the same way as with a Connectport using a single XBee and the Soft XIG? What I am trying to ask is, if the Soft XIG will replace the need of a Connectport.

    • Yes, the Soft XIG can replace a ConnectPort.

      (For long-term installations, the inherent stability, size, power consumption and low cost of a ConnectPort might still be preferred.)

  4. I tested and it works great! The only problem I am having is that I have an two Xbees. One has the temperature sensor and the coordinator is connected to an Arduino Fio. I connect this Arduino via FTDI to my computer, but the XIG cannot read/connect to the Xbee coordinator. I guess it only works if you have an USB explorer or so. I really wanted to make the data that the Arduino receives available on the internet. I need some logic and that’s why i need a microcontroller here. Is there a way around here?

    thanks! The project is awersome!

    • Typically you would set up the FIO to send data wirelessly to a base station XBee that’s connected to your computer. So in that case, yes you would use the Explorer or similar, attached to the computer that’s running XIG.

      • Exactly, but in this case, what I wanted to do is to avoid using a microcontroller for each node in my mesh network and only use one for the Coordinator. This one receives the data and performs extra calculations. Then, it sends this info via serial to the computer. I guess it is not still support yet. However there should be a way around…Again, this project is very nice! Thanks for being part of it and share it!