Live Demo – Digi XBee Sensor Lab

I created the Digi XBee Sensor Lab for Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. The XBee Sensor Lab is a fun, hands on demonstration of XBee Cellular, edge computing, and Digi Remote Manager Data Streams, with complete over the air access. By implementing smart sensors for different commercial and industrial use cases, the XBee Sensor Lab allows attendees to get hands-on with sensors and see the data changing on a dynamic display in real time.

Each sensor is a different kind, from Sparkfun Electronics. They connect directly to XBee Cellular via I2C, which uses MicroPython onboard to accept the raw data, transform it to readings, manage timings, upload to Remote Manager, configure the XBee and provide resiliency. Data posted to Remote Manager data streams is presented via a secure API, used by the dashboard to display the data as it happens. 

Watch the video here or on the Digi Site.

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