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XBees Rocket into Space

XBee radios have rocketed into space! Early in the morning on July 7, NASA launched a NASA Black Brant IX suborbital sounding rocket from their Wallops Flight Facility. Onboard the rocket was an experiment running the very first wireless XBee network to leave

XBees in Space

NASA’s Ames Research Center is putting the first ZigBee radio network into space! XBee radios will form a prototype telemetry system on a NASA Soarex sounding rocket launching this coming January, 2015. The NASA sounding rocket will journey into space around 200 miles above the earth, run

Botanicalls on Smithsonian Channel’s Amazing Plants

Botanicalls was recently featured in the Smithsonian Channel’s “Amazing Plants” documentary. There’s even beauty shots of the Arduino and XBee radio components! Also here’s the segment, filmed all the way back in 2007:

Digi Deploys 500-Node Internet of Things Network for Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O

This week we are taking part in deploying over 500 sensor motes at Google’s developer conference, Google I/O, May 15-17. The network will make up the Data Sensing Lab, a project that utilizes Digi’s XBee ZigBee modules and ConnectPort wireless gateways. The sensor

New York Times on Botanicalls, Again!

Another great article called Gadgets to Help Tend a Garden in The New York Times today. Roxie Hammill and Mike Hendricks review a variety of technology solutions for home gardening, including our own: Botanicalls, a collaboration among artists and technologists, has designed a

Strata Big Data Video Interview

I spoke live with Mac Slocum at O’Reilly’s Strata Big Data conference about Digi International’s involvement in the Data Sensing Lab here, as well as the future of M2M and the Internet of Things-what I’m hoping will be an Internet

New XBee Examples Site

Our brand new XBee Examples project site just went live! Check out  the first tutorials that Matt Richardson and I’ve published on Digi’s instructional library site: Right now I’ve got a big pile of different sensors, lights, motors, scent emitters and more on

MFA Interaction Design Final Projects at SVA

Here’s a rundown of the final projects from my Fundamentals of Physical Computing class at the MFA in Interaction Design at SVA this spring. Keep an eye on these students for more masterful interactive works! Curious Rotary, by Joonseo Bae & Myn Kang: A

XBee Internet Gateway at O’Reilly’s Strata Big Data Conference

Brian Jepson used the XBee Internet Gateway running on a Digi ConnectPort to create a distributed voting system to compile feedback from a wine tasting event at O’Reilly Media’s Strata big data conference in Santa Clara, California. The WineShade manages all the data acquisition