XBee LilyPad

We work with the LilyPad open-source wearables system and the XBee radios a lot at ITP, so Kate Hartman and I decided that it was time to put the two together. My Friday 7 in 7 project was to create a XBee LilyPad board, the first draft of which is pictured above. There’s probably going

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New LilyPad XBee

The LilyPad XBee sew-in wearable radio created by myself and Kate Hartman just got an update to add a reset button and improve its manufacturability. This board can be paired with LilyPad wearable sensors, custom built sensors and a variety of output devices to create a complete wireless wearable system. Available from Sparkfun for just $14.95 with discounts available

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Common XBee Mistakes

Your XBee project isn’t working? Here’s some common mistakes that both beginners and experts make: Not using the latest firmware (especially if ATD0 or ATIR is giving an error)* No reference voltage to VREF pin on the 802.15.4 radios (analog and digital reads give wrong values) Forgetting that AT commands use hexadecimals Hitting return after

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