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XBee MicroPython Examples

Introduction Simple programs can make a big difference! An XBee running small amounts of code can perform some pretty important tasks. Cryptic readings can be transformed into useful data, excess transmissions can be intelligently filtered out, modern sensors and actuators

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Four Trends Transforming IoT in 2016

Software is eating the world and the Internet of Things is no exception. In a new post for IoT NOW, I talk about four “software-minded” trends that I believe hardware vendors will increasingly consider for their equipment designs: Overbuilding for longevity & flexibility Service

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SXSW Panel Talk: Making to Manufacturing

I was honored to share the stage at SXSW with Sparkfun CEO Nathan Seidle, Silicon Labs’ Peter Vancorenland, Chaotic Moon’s Marc Boudria, and Atlas Wearables’ Peter Li in a panel discussion called ”Making to Manufacturing“ at SX Create. This panel brought together technology veterans to share our triumphs, failures and offer words

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Toward a Theory of Clothing

There are a multitude of unsolved mysteries left for science to tackle. We don’t know where life came from or whether it exists elsewhere in the universe. We’re not even sure what most of the universe is made of. But all the more amazing to

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Digi Tracks Shuttles for 100,000 at Dreamforce

  We just connected 100,000 Dreamforce conference attendees with 60 shuttle busses, tracking them over hundreds of miles of San Francisco area routes. And it worked perfectly! Digi’s Etherios division teamed up with the Dreamforce folks to provide attendees with real-time

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Faludi on NOVA Next “To Automate Everything”

I’m quoted this week on the NOVA web site in a well-done NOVA-next summary piece by Alison Bruzek’s about the Internet of Things. It’s called “To Automate Everything, Solve These Three Challenges“: “…Connected devices are just beginning to slip into homes, from smart

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New XBee Projects Gallery

It’s going to be the largest collection of XBee projects on the Web. So many people have used XBee radios to create amazing things that Liz Presson and I created a place for Digi (makers of the XBee) to feature the incredible work.

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Wireless Sensor Network Outreach: ICTP Trieste, Italy

About a week ago we had the marvelous opportunity to teach a three-day outreach workshop in wireless sensor networking and environmental monitoring at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. Our 24 students were educators, scientists and engineers

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Core77 2012 Design Awards: On The Jury

This year I’m on the jury for the Core77 Design Awards in the DIY category along with Adafruit’s Becky Stern, Banana Design Lab’s Yuri Gitman and Madagascar Institute’s Hackett. We’ll be looking at entries from artists, inventors, students, scientists and

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Transpiration Opening: Sensitive Buildings

The Transpiration project that started in my Sensitive Buildings class at NYU’s ITP was commissioned by 240 Central Park South to be a permanent installation in the courtyard of the building. It opened last night to a crowded gala reception.

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