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XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit Winning Awards

The XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit that our team developed last year recently took home several nice industry awards. We had set out to create a kit simple enough to help non-engineers quickly connect their creations to the cloud yet flexible enough for professionals to build rapid prototypes using advanced programming and cloud-based data sets. The kit is built around Digi’s XBee ZigBee Gateway. It includes code examples and powerful […]

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United States Patent 9,026,261

The wheels of government do not turn quickly, but they do turn. Six years after our initial inventions, five years after our company’s acquisition, and about four years after we each moved on to new lines of work, the U.S. Patent and Trademark office just awarded #9,026,261 for “Methods and systems for managing energy usage in buildings” to the GroundedPower team

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Fjord Panel: Internet of Things meets Service Design

I spoke this week at the New York headquarters of Fjord design for their Fjord Kitchen event, “Where Will the Internet of Things Take Service Design?” Moderated by Fast Company‘s Cliff Kuang, the two groups of panelists included: Steven Dean, Partner, Prehype. Adjunct Faculty, ITP. Scher Foord, Executive Director, Design, Condé Nast Technology. Tim Queenan, Director of

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Faludi on BBC LIVE: Digi & Connecting Light

The BBC News interviewed me live, explaining the Digi technology behind YesYesNo’s Connecting Light art installation for London Festival 2012’s Cultural Olympiad. We’re on the edge of a craggy cliff about halfway along the installation of 400 huge interactive weather balloons that are illuminated in different colors by text messages sent from people around the

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